just a speck of sand (laurabel) wrote in crapsticks,
just a speck of sand

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Crap here

The world does not revolve around me today....hence....crap.
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You get the next five days though! You should be happy not crappy!

Anticipation is usually better than the event.
And beyond all that...I do have the largest cup of coffee sold both here or overseas I am sure...and that is worthy of happiness
Holy cow batgirl, you should be ectastic!
You should see the speed I am getting out of these little typing fingers of mine now then.....

(You guys need a Dunkin Donuts there, I don't care what anyone says, they still make the best coffee AND they have the largest cup known to man on sale there. Which I just spilled down my shirt in my joy....crap again.)
I need a huge mug of coffee, infact I'm going to make one right now. So nerrr.

And we do need a dunkin donuts. Mostly for the doughnuts. :) Mmmmmmmmmm sugar...
Oh no...if it is for the doughnuts lobby for a Krispy Kreme...their glazed doughnuts are almost better than sex..and some day definately better than sex...
oooooooooooooooh sugar.

*goes off for sweeties*